Start Scorpio man dating sagittarius woman

Scorpio man dating sagittarius woman

In the best possible contact, Scorpio will give their sex life emotion and true physical intimacy, while Sagittarius will be there to give meaning and shake things up, representing the light at the end of a tunnel.

Sagittarius will want to try anything new and Scorpio’s approach to life is always new from their perspective, while Scorpio will enjoy the first impulse of optimism and fun.

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Scorpio will face Sagittarius with any superficial or outdated views, while being compassionate enough to know how to do this without hurting them, and being fixed enough not to change their intent somewhere along the way when Sagittarius thinks of running away.

They will enjoy each other’s company for as long as expectations and emotional disagreements are not in focus, for they have an incredible thing to share – their search for truth.

While they don’t know each other well and everything seems new and incredible, Scorpio will see their Sagittarius partner as a ray of light that suddenly makes their life brighter and better, while Sagittarius will see that there is so much to learn and enjoy the depth of their Scorpio partner, followed by emotional attachment.

In time, there is a strong chance they will slowly lose interest in one another, especially the mutable sign of Sagittarius for their fixed Scorpio partner.

Even though their relationship might end on bad terms, it would be a shame not to give in to it and let it fascinate and exalt both of them for however long.

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