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He chose not to share this with me – despite my concerns over him working with a woman…

Despite this, it felt no different to having a friendship with a man and he did not want anything to happen between them. My Husband was shocked – I’d never spoken to him in quite such a vulgar way – but he did not tell her to stop.

She made it sound easy and my Husband agreed to it. but he also felt things had gone too far already and he worried about the consequences in their friendship – and at work, if he turned her down.

He was convinced it would be a one-off and would satisfy his curiosity and lust for her.

At this point, although he knew I would be angry if I found out what had been happening, he didn’t feel like he’d betrayed me.

The Wednesday morning brought from her a straight forward proposal.

He did not spend much time thinking it through, but dived in feet first.

On the way to her house he wanted to turn around and not go through with it, but he thought she’d hate him. When he arrived at the house, it was unromantic – like a business arrangement. He felt uncomfortable, but must have enjoyed it as he managed to go all the way with no problem.

She told him she had an open marriage, and that she wanted no-strings sex with my husband.