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These findings suggest that MC4Rs expressed by cholinergic neurons regulate energy expenditure and hepatic glucose production.

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But the bar — the activity, social and sexual, that takes place inside — and its history are the very reasons Dirty Looks: On Location series will be screening “Tearoom” at Julius.

Creative Director, Bradford Nordeen, who hosts New York’s art queers and cinephiles for his monthly queer experimental film and video series, Dirty Looks, is taking on a project that is far more ambitious than those most New York programmers would dare.

For the entire month of July, Dirty Looks: On Location will be hosting one event per day at a different site of historical or social importance each day.

Ranging from film projections on the walls of queer businesses to interactive video playlists to covert screenings in buildings with secret queer pasts, Dirty Looks: On Location is an ambitious series of events.

“No series has engaged with histories of the community in such informative educational but also exciting ways,” Nordeen claimed.

“It’s a social kind of film festival that works with the flow of summer.

We have used mouse models to study the physiological roles of extrahypothalamic MC4Rs.

Re-expression of MC4Rs in cholinergic neurons (Ch AT-Cre, lox TB MC4R mice) modestly reduced body weight gain without altering food intake and was sufficient to normalize energy expenditure and attenuate hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia.

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