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Hi all This is my first baby EDD 2nd August and i just wondered what everyones opinion is on sterilising bottles etc?

one of the main reasons why i decided not to wean lo onto formula and gave up expressing milk for oh to feed lo.

My point is by sterilising are you cleaning away all 'good' bacteria too?

And are you taking away the opportunity for the baby to build their own defence system?

just want to add that my sister bf her lo for 2.5yrs but lo was given formula during the day from around 4-5 months whilst my sis was at work, from washed not sterilised bottles.

her lo is happy and healthy, but i personally wouldn't take the risk of ecoli poisoning or something dreadful like that.

Thanks, Clare x Hiya, I believe the reason they advise sterilising of bottles is because milk causes ,much more rapid bacteria growth and so can cause tummy bugs etc much more easily than the other items that may end up in your Lo's mouth. I totally see your point, but as Vicky says, it's because traces of milk from a previous feed are a prime spot for breeding gruesome bacteria. That doesn't explain why you should supposedly sterilise all sorts of other things though - which I never did incidentally - dummies, weaning cutlery and bowls etc.

I also stopped sterilising bottles at just over 4 months old (my babies, not the bottles) when I read that this was the government advice in France.

In the UK, it seemed to be that you should sterilise for a year!!!!