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He'll sometimes tell her he's coming home later than he really does, so he can sneak in and capture the action on his camcorder.

It uses a mirror, and for the best possible picture I didn't flip the image.) Kat is home from work, with an hour before her husband is expected.

She spends the extra time wisely, using a pocket rocket vibrator that literally rips the orgasm out of her!

Anyone volunteer to sleep with that pillow after Kat's done with it?!

(Technical note: This video was made using a new camera Henri created, with the camera sitting sideways in its concealment.

After a hard day's work she puts an adult flick on the TV, and settles onto the bed. Kat begins by stretching, and as the action heats up on the screen, her clitoris gets hard and she reaches under her skirt for a little rub. ) she's opened her legs to get better access to the goods.

The camera is just the right spot to peer at her gorgeous pussy.

Kat is seen just settling down on the bed, TV remote in hand.

She flips through a couple of the adult cable channels she and husband Henri subscribe to, then decides she's not much in the mood to watch other people having sex.

These are utterly fantastic clips as she experiments with her mechanical lover!

Kat's favorite masturbating position is pillow humping, though she also has intense ear-splitting orgasms with just her fingers and with battery-operated toys.

After a minute or so, she takes her slacks off, then crams one of the pillows into her crotch.