Start Single without kids dating

Single without kids dating

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I want to experience parent hood with the man i marry and i hope that we both can share the first time experience together.

And i hesitate to date men with kids cause they always have bitchy ex wifes/ex girlfriends.

Don't get me wrong -- I stand by my assertion I would PREFER women be up-front about not wanting to date me were I a single father, which I expect to be one day in the not-too-distant future.

However, at my age dating won't really be much of an issue since I'm generally finished with women on a romantic level, so this whole exercise is more just academic observation for me, armchair anthropology.

First let me say I applaud you women who HAVE no children, WANT no children and REFUSE to date a man who has any.

While some may see that as being harsh, judgmental or even selfish (for whatever reason they list) I see it as being up-front and open.

Men find it harder to trust women once women dog them and it always in my experience reflects in their future relationships.

I have to say this has been an informative thread in so many ways.

We could split the check amicably and go our separate ways, no hard feelings and loads of time and effort SAVED.

That being said, I DO have to look back and just absolutely LAUGH at the number of times over the years -- and I do mean a HUGE number -- when similar discussions have come up and single guys have stated they wouldn't date women with children, for the very reasons listed here, and single women with NO children have leaped to the defense of the single moms, calling the men selfish for their inconsideration since after all, these single moms were still people, and apparently to be revered for the trials and tribulations of single motherhood.

We're procreating like rats here, spitting out eleventeen babies every half second or so, the majority of them from unwed unions adhering to the baby daddy/baby momma mentality. Some kids are outta control, but tell their parents that and they will chop your head off.