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Spirt filled christian online dating

When I speak of the progressive nature of the Scandinavia’s monarchies, I am largely referring to the willingness of the scions of those monarchies to break with the tradition of marrying other royals.

And Christian VII’s Palace which previously belonged to the Lord High Steward AG Moltke is today Her Majesty The Queen's representative palace.

As mentioned about, my Scandinavian adventure fittingly began with a flight out of JFK airport on Norwegian Air.

Courtesy of the carrier, I tucked into a Premium Class seat on a Dreamliner 787 that would rival a traditional business class seat on any other airline, and my journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun began in earnest.

After a quick stop in Stockholm and a change of planes in Stockholm, I touched down in Copenhagen (CPH) in the late afternoon where I collected my luggage and hopped on a train conveniently located in Terminal 3 at the airport.

In the spirt of full disclosure, I must admit to being bit of a doubting Thomas when it comes to ‘discount’ airlines which have left me sorely disappointed in the past.

However, from online check-in, which, by design, takes place just two hours before departure via text message, to a seamless, if somewhat DIY, baggage check process at the airport, to the ultra-simplified classes of service (Economy or Premium only), Norwegian is the picture of modernity in air travel.

While Princess Marie-Chantal’s elder sister, Pia, married oil heir, Christopher Getty, grandson of J.

Paul Getty, one of the wealthiest men in the world, her younger sister, Alexandra became Her Serene Highness Princess Alexandra of Fürstenberg upon her marriage to Prince Alexander von Fürstenburg, son of fashion icon Diane von Fürstenberg and Prince Egon von Fürstenberg, great-grandson of Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli and stepson of media billionaire Barry Diller (von Fürstenberg’s current husband for those who might not have been paying attention).

The Crown Prince Couple’s private residence is located in Frederik VIII’s Palace which was built during 1750-60 for Baron Joachim Brockdorff.

Christian VIII’s Palace, or Levetzau’s Palace, built in the period 1750-60 for Privy Councillor Christian Frederik Levetzau is current residence for Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte.

Speaking of connections, it is also worthy of note that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is godfather to Prince Constantine, the eldest son of Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantel, while Prince Pavlos’ father, King Constantine ll is one of Princes William’s godfathers in addition to being first cousin once removed to Prince Phillip, consort of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the brother to Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain.