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The term locksport was adopted by lock picking enthusiasts as a way of differentiating what they do from locksmiths, as well as from those who might choose to pick locks for nefarious purposes.

The goal is to be the first to rid oneself of all one's locks.

There are several organized lock picking contests that are held each year. NL hold a major contest each year, attended by hobbyists and travelers from around the globe.

Cavill settled in Australia, where he taught the stroke that was to become the famous Australian crawl.

Swimming has featured on the programme of all editions of the Games since 1896.

Since then, it has been part of every edition of the Games.

The men’s and women’s programmes are almost identical, as they contain the same number of events, with only one difference: the freestyle distance is 800 metres for women and 1,500 metres for men.

However, as an organized hobby, lock picking is a relatively recent phenomenon.

The earliest known organized group of lock picking enthusiasts is the German club SSDe V (Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik - Deutschland e. or, translated Sportsenthusiasts of Lockpicking – Germany). has also helped to pioneer the collaborative hobby of lock picking.

Here, attendees can learn to pick locks and watch others practice and compete.

Because lock picking is sometimes viewed as a nefarious craft, locksport enthusiasts uphold a very rigorous standard of ethics.

The creation of the sport group Locksport International in July 2005, founded by Josh Nekrep, Kim Bohnet, and Devon Mc Dormand of Lock, helped to solidify the term within the community, and today the term is widely adopted in North America by those who practice the craft for fun and sport.