Start State laws mandating the use of seatbelts in cars

State laws mandating the use of seatbelts in cars

Many Christians do take extreme measures – and they are criticized for that, too. Many Christians also respect other people’s rights to make their own decisions.

I made several attempts throughout my teenage years to quit masturbation.

I even got an ‘accountability partner’ where we both swore off masturbation and kept tabs on how long we lasted.

The whole concept of heaven and hell are somewhat misunderstood, I think.

Also, CS Lewis’ “The Great Divorce” presents a very interesting look at the question.

Otherwise, they are being disloyal and if they are disloyal, then that eternity of bliss is less certain.

Also, your parents can tell themselves that maybe you’ll come around and that your current doubts are all part of God’s master plan.

I’m not going to hold a gun to anyone’s head, and for that matter, I don’t think that approach does any good.