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Still, even in conservative Saudi Arabia, the arrest has been something of a shock — mostly because the couple was thousands of miles apart. The Washington , thought Abu Sin got what was coming to him for making people “laugh at” the Kingdom.

Almost everyone has a few online-romance horror stories, but no matter how awkward your chatroom dalliances have been, we have a feeling the Saudi Arabian teenager who uses the online handle Abu Sin probably has them beat.

Abu Sin — which means “the toothless one” because of his crooked teeth — is now facing up to five years in jail and an $800,000 fine. Chatting flirtatiously with Christina Crockett, a 21-year-old video blogger in California.

The victim is upset and claims that the teacher unlocked the door knowing the other students were outside. The video shows a 17-year-old boy and 18-year-old girl pull the student out of her seat in the middle of a full class.

The brother holds her, while the sister starts punching."He then throws her down on the ground, she hits her head on the desk, and he starts kicking her,” said the victim’s mother.

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Officers informed the victim’s family of the arrest warrant process.

They plan on charging the 18-year-old girl with assault.

“However, we are going to look into ways we can ensure it doesn't take place again, and ensure that our teachers aren’t put in any situations, such as the one that was just described."Milner says the brother and sister were disciplined.

The victim tells us the two teens were suspended, but she doesn't think that's enough. “How are you going to tell me that you're sorry that I don't feel safe, and the allow them to come back?

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