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Telugu sex chat no sign in

Lol I was 19 going to back to college for some summer classes.

When she swung her leg out I could see her was wearing a white thong.. “ Ohh, baby, It’s ok” Yeah I was so fuckin hard I had get her off my mind.

Well we started down the road and the worst thing happened. Well we rolled down the windows and made the best of the trip.

I kissed her neck as she arched her back and laid on the hood of the car. then I came up and stood infront of her and took my shorts down and grabbed her hair and pulled her in to suck my hard cock. She climbed on top of me and straddled my cock and rocked.. she lean over and got my cock out again and gave me head until I was hard again.

She kept rocking on my cock and I said I’m going to cum she didn’t stop so I blew my load in her pussy… We got back in the car and I think we got back on the road too soon because she was still horny..

About an 30 mins went by and I looked over at mom only to see sweat dripping down her chest down her cleavege and her chest going in and out with her trying to catch her breath..

Instead she sat back in her seat and started massagging her tits… She was loving it and then I just went nuts and fuckn pulled out and pulled her down to take my dick in her mouth to finish me off.

But now a very seductive low almost whisper came to my ears, - I'd heard right,but not to drop in the shit I responded. I knew it was in urgency,she was in need of an ending to her orgasmic moment.

"Say again lovee,my brain was deep in your lovely love juice" - "I S-A-I-D, Do you think he would,that's all! - "Go on,go and get him in,he'll surely lick me even if he--" Her voice trailed off I was out of the starter blocks and heading to our back door at a rate of knots.

She was wearing a short blue jean skirt and a white tank top with no bra. After she got in the car she asked if anything was wrong.. I told her nothing was wrong just didn’t want to go back to school.

“DAMN” is the only thing that came to mind but I didn’t mean to say it out loud. I told her your looking hot mom with a laugh hoping I could play it off as a joke. I started to fill up and mom was getting out of the car. She placed her hand on my knee and slide down just a little bit on my thigh.

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