Start Ten simple rules for dating my teenage daughter

Ten simple rules for dating my teenage daughter

Eventually, it became a way of life rather than just a crash diet of stuff. Most likely, it will simply deter you from the task altogether. Before you begin, investigate selling, recycling, donating and give away options for the items you choose to declutter. Decide to Not Keep Things out of Guilt or Obligation.

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You can also check out the Top Posts page to get a feel for the site. Every home should have its own set of family rules.

I have never considered myself a natural organizer.

But in 2007, my family moved to Australia from the USA.

Over these last three years of decluttering, I have removed over a thousand things from our home.

Also, through the process and through my writing, I have had opportunity to help many people realize their own decluttering goals as well.

Don’t let incorrect thinking or other people dictate what you should keep or give away. The urge to hold on to items you think you might need someday can be eliminated simply by being realistic about what need really is. Encourage people to follow this concept when buying gifts for you.

Remember, if the items are yours, it is your choice to decide what to do with them. Many items in our homes may be useful, but they are not particularly necessary to our happiness, well-being, or the functionality of our homes. Some alternative gifts are gifts of experience or adventure, a gift of time spent together, even cash gifts are appropriate in some instances. A home does not need enough linen, crockery, cutlery, or pantry supplies to serve as a hotel. In the rare event an unusually large number of guests arrive on your doorstep, you can always borrow from friends, family or neighbors. Do Not Declutter Things that are not Yours Without the Owner’s Permission. Every item you own takes time out of your life: time to manage it, clean it, repair it, and maintain it; time to choose between objects of a similar category; time spent shopping for it…

Shortly after the move, a new stage of life surfaced. And to prepare for our new life together, I set a personal goal to again reduce our possessions.

Coincidentally, on January 3rd, a segment aired on morning television about people abandoning their New Year resolutions.

I copied this list down a long time ago from somewhere, and these rules have served our family well over the years. It comes from the book New Skills for Frazzled Parents: The Instruction Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child, by Daniel G. 67.) What do you think about having a list of family rules? How has having such a list been helpful to you (or not)?