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The ugly truth about teen dating

‘He had found the woman he had been searching for’, says Riva. Such is the candour of this great book, Dietrich’s sexual frustration and nymphomania receive lavish attention.

The knickers JFK had ripped off her she kept as a souvenir.

But it wasn't the eye-catching outfits that were on everybody's lips.

Instead, the audience found themselves staring at the girls themselves: stick-thin, with emaciated limbs, protruding collarbones and a haunted look in their eyes. There was something in particular that had shifted the world's focus onto this particular catwalk.

Marlene took walk-on roles in films, and though her mother deemed everyone working in showbusiness ‘shiftless, tambourine-playing thieves’, the 22-year-old actress married assistant director Rudolf Sieber in 1923.

Rudi took an immediate back seat, condoning his wife’s innumerable affairs, collecting the love letters she received — a cuckold and manager.

Though they never divorced, he was eventually exiled to a chicken ranch in the San Fernando Valley.

His long-term secret companion, Tamara Matul, was compelled to undergo abortions ‘to ensure no scandal sullied the purity of my mother’s marriage’.

Her ‘most guarded and precious possession’, we learn, was a do-it-yourself abortion kit called the Ice Water And Vinegar Douche.