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Theology of the body dating

Contact: Life Institute Dedicated to helping men and women see their bodies and the world with Catholic eyes, the Tabor Life Institute sponsors talks, retreats and multi-media programming that introduce people to the Catholic worldview.

A classically trained artist, he uniquely and engagingly applies the theology of the body to topics such as masculinity and femininity, marriage and celibacy, and the problem of pornography.

Contact: Tabor Life Institute () Damon Owens A trained natural family planning teacher since 1993, Damon Owens is the founder of Joy Filled Marriage NJ, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for married and engaged couples.

The host of three 13-part television series on the theology of the body and the feminine genius (one for EWTN, two for Catholic Family Land TV), Zeno is currently the director of the Theology of the Body Resource Center in Phoenix.

Contact: Women of the Third Millennium () If you’re looking to start a theology of the body program in your parish, launch a theology of the body study group on your college campus, or simply learn more about Pope John Paul II’s teachings yourself, you don’t have to go it alone. Family Honor For 22 years, Family Honor has helped couples, families and parishes integrate the theology of the body into their daily lives.

For the past several years, he has divided his time between teaching high school in the Philadelphia area and traveling the country delivering parish talks on the theology of the body.

In addition to talks introducing the concepts of Pope John Paul II’s catechesis, Donaghy also gives presentations applying the theology of the body to areas such as prayer and the Eucharist.

During the years Pope John Paul II first delivered the series of Wednesday catecheses that became known as the theology of the body, Father Loya was a seminarian in Rome.

He regularly attended those audiences and has studied and talked about them ever since.

His dynamic presentations focus on the meaning and purpose of sexuality and are easily accessible for Catholics and non-Catholics of all levels of faith.

Contact: The Theology of the Body Institute () Katrina Zeno Over the past decade, Katrina Zeno has written and spoken nationally and internationally on the theology of the body, applying it to the single life, the genius of women, chastity formation, parenting, marriage, and the Eucharist.

Contact: Theology of the Body International Alliance () Christopher West Nine years ago, Christopher West helped launch the theology of the body movement in the United States, attracting widespread attention to the teachings through his popular talks on the Catholic understanding of human sexuality.