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Down the coast towards Albania, you'll find the quieter family resort of Petrovac.

Around the Bay of Kotor Towards the north of Montenegro's coast this unusually shaped body of water comprises an outer bay, which is connected to the twin-lobed inner bay by a narrow channel.

Montenegro was one of the poorer relations of the former Yugoslavia and has been a nation only since 2006, when it declared independence from Serbia; service and infrastructure can be patchy, particularly away from the coast.

Montenegrin history has had as many twists and turns as its roads.

Berths, residences, boutiques and restaurants have already been completed, with a Regent hotel opening in 2014 and long-term plans to develop further into the wooded hills.

The main existing towns on the outer bay are hilly Herceg Novi (the most popular summer spot in old Yugoslavia) and Tivat.

The sun sets over the Bay of Kotor, turning the placid water from blue to gold and highlighting the cream stone of the villages against the granite grey of the high, surrounding cliffs.

It is one of the natural splendours that have made tiny Montenegro (population 620,000) one of the most attractive Adriatic destinations.

For centuries it was a fluctuating East-West frontier between competing empires, ideologies and faiths.