Start Updating itunes 9 02

Updating itunes 9 02

We need this feature re-instated to ensure that podcast listings on i Tunes get updated in a timely manner.

An error that most i Tunes users will come across at some point is the “i Tunes Network Connection Timed Out.” When this error is encountered, there are typically two root causes for the issue: 1 – There is an Internet connection issue or 2 – There is a computer security application or other program blocking the connection between the i Tunes application and the Apple servers.

The network connection timed out error and related problems are commonly reported by consumers when trying to update their respective i Device to a newer version of the i OS software.

This is going to negatively impact on listener numbers either way, and also make shows that have time sensitive information less relevant.

If you are a podcaster you need to voice your opinion very loudly with Apple.

A pop-up window will then display showing the version of the software installed on your computer.

You can also select “Help” and “Check for Updates” from the i Tunes File menu to check for software updates if manual verification and updating is not desired or too many steps for your personal preferences.

The temporary removal may be required in some cases of security applications not truly being deactivated with that menu selection.

Instead, the program will continue to run in the background and potentially interfere with the proper operation of i Tunes.

Many times, i Tunes users will forget to try this step and realize that they have an Internet outage or are no longer connected to a wireless network.

If the alternative website loads in the device or computer’s web browser then the Internet connectivity cause can be eliminated as a reason for the error.

Podcasters with evergreen content this change means little.