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Updating magento

Logically, it lends itself to be used for the sort by newest feature as it is set only once by the system, when the product was created. Note: This should work fine for Magento CE 1.4.x and up, PE, EE 1.8.0 and up.

You At any time during your installation, take advantage of our installation quick reference (tutorial) or installation roadmap (reference).

They’re really easy to use; the tutorial walks you through a sample installation.

I thought this feature shouldn’t require overriding so much core code so I investigated and, to my delight, found that the solution was very simple and quite elegant and didn’t involve overriding any core code as such.

The Product Entity in Magento has a ‘created_at’ attribute which stores the date when the product was created. I’ve whipped up a quick extensions that will perform those updates and makes it easy to install on any site that needs this feature.

Avoid duplicate content and strengthen the SEO potential of the most important store pages.

Set Canonical URLs to inform Google (and other search engines) about the preferred page for pages with similar content.

Upgrading the Magento applications and extensions you obtain from Magento Marketplaces and other sources can require up to 2GB of RAM.

If you are using a system with less than 2GB of RAM, we recommend you create a swap file; otherwise, your upgrade might fail.

Use at your own risk and ALWAYS backup your database before installing. This approach should be upgrade safe and works on any Magento CE version over 1.4 as well as PE and EE versions.

The only issue would be if a future Magento upgrade was updating the created_at attribute but then it’s easy enough to reapply the database edits to restore functionality – easier than troubleshoot issues with core code overrides.

We have some resources here to help get you started using the e Commerce platform of the future—Magento 2. Consult the following table for how to get started installing Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce.