Start Updating php 4 to 5

Updating php 4 to 5

I recently finished upgrading this site to Cake PHP 3.0.0-dev from 2.5.5.

I'm running a Mid-2012 Macbook Air with OS X 10.8.2 and mysql was installed with homebrew. Please take note that you need to run mysql_install_db from the with top level of the mysql directory (IE, usr/local/Cellar/mysql/5.5.25).

Furthermore you will be shown how to update to the latest version of PHP5, while retaining most of Server Admin’s functionality.

Although the Apple included version of PHP4 is suitable for most users, there are situations where one might need to update. Be aware though that no particular testing of this procedure has been done on 10.3.x.

To enable PHP 5, you must first login to your hosting account's c Panel.

Scroll down to the Software/Services section of c Panel, and click on PHP Configuration.

Upgrading to Cake PHP 3 from Cake PHP 2.x requires a number of transformations that can be automated, such as adding namespaces.

To assist in making these mechanical changes easier, Cake PHP provides a CLI based upgrade tool.

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