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Updating systematic reviews

A modified version was validated externally and performed well against the global judgments of a panel of content experts.23 The publications describing the original AMSTAR instrument were widely cited and the instrument has been used and critiqued extensively.22232425262728293031We convened an expert group, comprising authors of the original instrument, members with expertise in the conduct of non-randomised studies, development of appraisal instruments, biostatistics, and study designs.

We are recruiting new authors to update EE topics; we need primary care and subspecialist experts in a range of subject areas.

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These generate precise estimates of intervention effects, which may be inaccurate because of residual biases.

If these estimates are combined with those from the (generally smaller) randomised controlled trials, the meta-estimates will be weighted towards the observational study estimates.

We prefer authors with some experience with medical writing, and a solid knowledge of evidence-based practice.

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The original AMSTAR instrument did not include an assessment of the risk of bias in non-randomised studies included in a review, which is a key issue given the diversity of designs that such studies may use and the biases that may affect them.

The development and validation of the original AMSTAR instrument (published in 2007) has been described in detail elsewhere.222324 Briefly, the original list of items was created from the results of a scoping review of the then available rating instruments.

The ideas were then enunciated in a round-robin format.

One idea was collected from everyone, in turn, and presented to the group by the facilitator.

AMSTAR was developed to evaluate systematic reviews of randomised trials.