Start Validating phone numbers in

Validating phone numbers in

this is a UK product only Hi Nick, the validation app is now ready for you to join.

The link to register has been updated as follows for the patience, Paul.

Whether you use Salesforce, Marketo, or another customer contact data systems, easily verify telephone numbers.

We’d love to know if this is a product that would help you?!

The service stops invalid numbers from being submitted by checking the phone number is live and will receive a call or SMS message.

Looking to collect US phone number and validate that the entries are correct? Click Question at the bottom of the page where you wish to add your phone number question.

Select Textbox from the Question Type dropdown menu and enter your question text.

A coded UI test can automate the initial (F5) scenario, verifying that code churn does not impact the functionality of your application. You simply perform the test manually while the CUIT Test Builder runs in the background.

You can also specify what values should appear in specific fields.

With only a phone number and/or a country entered, Global Phone Verification can determine whether the phone number is valid for the region and identify the country of origin from the international access code.

The solution also easily verifies phone number types such as landline, Vo IP, or mobile, as well as carrier.

We even establish the most common language in use for the area.