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Who is colbie caillat dating now

I don’t remember there being any one incident or announcement that trumpeted when things took a turn from normalcy and common sense, but it’s an unfortunate fact that now resides before us at this time of worldwide celebration and faith.

There was an avalanche of the best cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries – along with the occasional liqueur – the likes of which no issue of magazine has ever had the distinct honor and pleasure of photographing, sampling and sharing with the world.

Oh, those poor, poor folks who have been wronged by your and my beliefs, our holidays and all the ancillary traditions that go along with it.

Can’t you feel how they were wronged and ridiculed by our evil declarations of “Merry Christmas! But as we all know, all too painfully by now, that whole “seemed like a good idea at the time” vibe that accompanied most P. agendas quickly morphed into a public-shame-&-humiliation hydra that soon developed tentacles of truly stupid and ill-conceived laws.

It can also give us cause to reflect on our lives, and the world around us; to reset the big picture and make sense out of what has become clouded on our journey through life.

This more erudite, progressive, thinking person’s world has now reached a position of being above it all, really; a place where there is no time for silly throwbacks to our Puritan founders.

And so, a considerate thought for the feelings of a few “special” folks amongst us was born as not just an idea, but a movement.

And if there’s one thing we humans (especially Americans) latch on to like a seagull on a french fry, it’s a movement.

Oh for sure, the involuntary nature of cardio and pulmonary gives us a heart, and it does keep us alive while it’s healthy.