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Who is kirsty duffy dating

He is great at getting people talking and discussing all sides of the issue...

Dev departed on 13 February 2015, after Harkishin asked for an extended break from the show, Dev returned on 1 June 2015.

Amy Goskirk (Jayne Ashbourne), a former girlfriend, follows Dev to Weatherfield, claiming he had promised to marry her.

He denies this, claiming she is mentally unstable so she claims to be pregnant and that she attempted suicide.

When she returns to The Rovers Return with bandaged wrists, Dev exposes her lies by ripping off the bandages, revealing no cuts.

Kirsty first became known through the popular live topical current affairs show on Channel 5 "The Wright Stuff" which she co-presented with Matthew Wright for over 5 years.

Her role on the show was never predictable and Kirsty's fun personality added great humour to the challenges she was often given which made her a firm favourite with audiences.

I would love to do a daytime studio health show - rather like The Doctors in the US.”Meanwhile, David’s latest challenge sees him and his fellow co-stars Kirsty Duffy, Kerr Drummond and Sara Damergi help house hunters decide between relocating to the country or to the seaside.“I am very competitive and Kirsty makes fun of me,” he admitted.

“I have won more than I’ve lost but the reason I take it so seriously is that we aren’t just finding houses, this is about our couples’ lives together.“And, budget doesn’t come into it one bit.

The 48-year-old commented: “I would love to take over from Phil on This Morning!

It’s a perfect show for me as I have a lot of experience with families, dealing with health and social issues and I generally love being with people.”When asked about daytime TV, David continued: “I actually think it is a great place to be - there’s enormous variety.“The issue is that the budgets aren’t as large as primetime and that limits what you can do.

I’ve also had to dress up as a police officer which was fun and sometimes I hit the streets to find out what real people think.” She smiles: “Matthew is a big softie really.