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Thus, its purpose was to rally the Russian people and increase morale as in the poster by drawing the connection to the seven-hundredth year anniversary of Nevsky’s victory.

The 1915 poster, for example, was published during the early struggles of World War I by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee in London.

In all three posters, the image of the hero takes the form of a knight or crusader.

The knight destroys the obvious enemy, thus suggesting that the good knight must always defeat evil.

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but in this case they are not abstracted as a mythical beast, but personified as the failed Teutonic invaders of 1242.

Printed during the Battle of Stalingrad, the makers of the poster knew that the Russians were on the defensive, fighting to prevent Hitler’s forces from gaining control over that key eastern city (Levack, Muir, and Veldman, 860).

One such image is that of serpent-like creatures, like the hydra and the dragon, representing the enemy.