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Www sex lies dating com

But the data from dating sites tells us that just about all men try to date skinny women.

Is this a question they should be asking more often?

I think women are too obsessed with their husbands' sexuality. What would they ask if they knew what their wives were Googling?

Can you really draw concrete conclusions from this sort of data?

People search for things for all kinds of reasons, right?

What else are we hiding from our friends, neighbors, and colleagues? Among other things, Stephens-Davidowitz’s data suggests that there are more gay men in the closet than we think; that many men prefer overweight women to skinny women but are afraid to act on it; that married women are disproportionately worried their husband is gay; that a lot of straight women watch lesbian porn; and that porn featuring violence against women is more popular among women than men.

I asked Stephens-Davidowitz to explain the data behind all of this. Last time we spoke, I asked you about the most surprising or shocking finding in your research.

This doesn’t necessarily tell us how many people are gay in these areas, but it’s a revealing data point.

I look at the data a whole bunch of ways and conclude about 5 percent of men are predominantly attracted to men.

But there was plenty more revelatory data in the book that we didn’t cover.

So I wanted to follow up with Stephens-Davidowitz to talk about some of the other provocative claims he is making.

I don't understand how social scientists weren't begging Pornhub for their data. I sent some of my results to some of the most famous sociologists and sex researchers in the world. In places where it's hard to be gay, such as Mississippi, far fewer men say that they are gay than in places where it's easy to be gay, such as New York.